Co-creating new products, services and business by hybridizing players, solutions and models of sustainability.


Accelerate awareness, knowledge and business to develop new actions and solutions for the Common Good.


Identify new needs and behaviours: social value generates economic value and entrepreneurship.

Ideas, solutions and networks for the Common Good

SocialFare®is the first Centre for Social Innovation in Italy, based in Torino: our mission is to generate knowledge and social entrepreneurship, supporting big bottom-up ideas .


From being social to SocialFare®


Anthropological/ethnographic research to identify the areas of sensitivity and legitimate participation of the social margins in the planning.

Social design

Design Thinking as a model of planning that focuses on the participation of people and the community.


Planning and experimenting new models of inclusion, communication, development, business and social entrepreneurship.

Social Entrepreneurship

Planning and experimenting new models of inclusion, communication, development,business and social entrepreneurship.

Social technology

We develop and experiment new technologies for social innovation. Empathetic technology as an answer to social challenges.

Open Data

We analyse the ‘biodiversity of data’ to generate integrated solutions for innovation, in collaboration with technological partners.