Social Innovation Academy
Focus Area: Engagement and Capacity Building, Knowledge Acceleration
Period: 2020-21
Geographical area: Nazionale

The social challange:

Bringing new knowledge and skills in the field of social innovation for a collaborative and innovative social and territorial planning on the territories of Verona, Vicenza, Belluno, Mantua and Ancona

Project description:

Cariverona Foundation, in collaboration with SocialFare, through the FutureUp action applies methods and tools of Social Innovation to co-design the future of the territories in which it operates, recalling the challenges and experiments that the European Union calls for sustainable development from both a social and economic point of view.

FutureUp launches in 2021 a Social Innovation Academy divided into 5 editions, respectively in the territories of Verona, Vicenza, Belluno, Mantua and Ancona, with the aim of accompanying design paths with social impact, starting from the 5 macro challenges’ areas identified as relevant for these contexts:

  1. development of the human capital of young generation
  2. systemic development of the territory
  3. future of work
  4. community welfare
  5. collaboration for sustainability

The Academy is led by the consolidated experience of the SocialFare team via an innovative approach that hybridizes skills and tools of Social Innovation, Impact Design and Social Entrepreneurship.


The Social Innovation Academy is open to students, professionals, retirees, whether or not they belong to third sector bodies and organizations, without age limits (as long as they are over eighteen years old) or specific prerequisites in terms of experience or skills.

Expertise SocialFare:

Ideation, planning, management, knowledge acceleration, support for the development of entrepreneurial activities oriented to a social impact.

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