Naste Beauty by Vortex

Treat yourself by caring for the future
Periodo: Inverno 2021, Winter 2021

Sfida sociale:

Proving that individual well-being can be achieved by protecting the environment and the community, by offering sustainable cosmetic products, made through circular economy chains with a high social impact.

La soluzione proposta:

The entrepreneurial project of Vortex, an innovative startup with a social vocation, was created to tackle the problem of waste related to production inefficiencies in the agri-food sector: it is estimated that in the stages of industrial processing as much as 30% of the food remains unused.


  • Simone PiccoloCEO & sustainability manager
  • Lorenzo PiccoFounder & Sales Manager
  • Costanza StarrabbaArt Director
  • Aurora ManniDigital marketer e PR
  • Silvia MoroniSocial media manager
  • Viviana MolinoBusiness developer
  • Filippo NeriResponsabile IT


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