Tip, Tap, Test
Periodo: Inverno 2021, Winter 2021

Sfida sociale:

Support students and professionals in personal growth and assist companies by promoting a good matching between job supply and demand.

La soluzione proposta:

MindTips develops digital solutions aimed at students, professionals and companies.

The free services offered by the app allow users to review topics for exams or training courses, using content written by industry experts and tools that allow them to plan their study according to customized timelines, with the possibility of testing themselves through interactive and engaging tests.

The B2B services allow companies to organize and monitor the progress of training courses for employees and to access a matching platform useful for the selection and hiring of new human resources.



  • Gabriele GaggiCEO
  • Giovanni BertazzoliLegal Counsel
  • Alessandro LimardoHead of Software Development


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