A wine for equal opportunities
Periodo: Inverno 2021, Winter 2021

Sfida sociale:

Offering work opportunities and an inclusive path to people in a state of fragility, through a therapeutic project and quality wine production.

La soluzione proposta:

In a Piedmontese area with a strong wine-making vocation, from the encounter between the “Cooperativa Emmaus” project and some local farms, 8pari wine is born: a relational asset, created through the employment of fragile people, involved at 360° throughout the production cycle.

8pari creates synergies between farms, social enterprises and responsible consumers in order to create production chains that combine high quality and strong social value.


  • Alessandro Milanesio Responsabile promozione e commercializzazione
  • Antonio MurtasResponsabile tecnico e risorse umane del progetto
  • Elena BocconResponsabile sociale inserimenti persone fragili
  • Bruno Nanooperatore
  • Gianluigi Espositooperatore
  • Mattia Biancooperatore e addetto alle consegne
  • Riccardo Alloccooperatore
  • Omar Diallooperatore
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