Periodo: Inverno 2020

Sfida sociale:

Promote the school inclusion of children and kids with disabilities, with a particular focus on autism, through a proposal that innovatively combines technological and smart objects with tailor-made training methods.

La soluzione proposta:

MOSAIC is a tool designed for the inclusion of pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorder within the school. The goal is to overcome the barriers that autism poses to socialization through recreational and educational activities that are collective, inclusive and created through a kit of Smart Objects which, when properly used, become real mediators between the ASD pupil and the class.

The kit consists of interactive objects programmable through an intuitive editor and customizable according to the needs of the ASD student. Through an e-learning system developed by Aqura professionals, teachers are trained both on topics related to autism and on the use of MOSAIC technology, acquiring the skills to use them independently in the classroom, with the active involvement of the whole class.


  • Matteo ValorianiCEO
  • Antimo MusoneCTO
  • Emanuele MicheliDidattica
  • Valentina AspertiMarketing
  • Francesco ClasadonteIT
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