PCM: like water, but at the temperature you want

The societal challenge:

Develop innovative products and services with high technological value in the field of saving and improving energy efficiency.

The solution proposed:

-TES was born in the laboratories of the University of Turin on the initiative of two chemists and an engineer who intend to change the traditional thermal storage system by replacing water with PCM (Phase Change Materials), materials with excellent thermal management capabilities. The first storage to PCM, commissioned by IREN, was combined with district heating and allowed to make the first tests in a real environment on a Turin building with the aim of creating an energy backup at times when the demand for domestic energy is maximum .

Today the startup, with an expanded and multidisciplinary team, develops innovative heat storage systems and offers advanced services and energy efficiency interventions also proposed with contracts based on the guarantee of the result (e.g. Energy Service Contract) in the form of Energy Service Company or ESCO .

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