The crunch they love
Periodo: Primavera 2021, Spring 2021

Sfida sociale:

To transform the Pet Food world with an offer that has sustainability at its core.

La soluzione proposta:

Hygge offers a personalized service for those who want to take care of their dog thinking about its good health and environmental sustainability.

The client can do a test and identify the most appropriate (dry) food for his/her dog. The product is made from selected quality raw materials, such as fresh meat and fish, fruit, and legumes made in Italy, following recipes studied by experts to be beneficial in terms of energy and calorie intake. A team of veterinarians is available for solving any kind of doubt and answering your questions. The experience continues and the client can buy the product online and receive it at home. In line with the choice for sustainability, the selected materials for the package are made of disposable paper.

An innovative product line of insect-protein-based (raw) food will arrive soon to offer a low environmental impact solution compared to those meat-based products: insect-based food’s production limits CO2 emissions and the use of pesticides, reducing water and soil consumption. 


  • Martina TerigiCEO
  • Samuele NanniniCFO
  • Giada IacopiniCOO
  • Rebecca OttanelliComunicazione
  • Melissa BagnoliComunicazione
  • Nicole DecaniniCTO


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