Better jobs, Better Lives


Period: Winter 2017

The societal challenge:

Enhance the quality of work environment within companies making it no more a simple cost but a competitive advantage to generate a positive economic return.



The solution proposed:

Ethicjobs evaluates and certifies the quality of work environment of Italian companies, creating internal efficiency and increasing competitiveness on the market.

The proprietary process built by Ethicjobs is the only one able to measure in a detailed, punctual and accurate manner the sentiment of a company’s employees through tangible, measurable and comparable KPIs. The assessment path is “bottom-up”: the same employees are involved in the business appraisal process with the aim of measuring their well-being.


  • Luca CarraiCEO | Co-founder
  • Joseph John D’AlessandroCFO | Co-founder
  • Riccardo SonninoR&D
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