Together for the good economy
Focus Area: Innovation Design
Period: September 2015 - December 2016
Geographical area: Locale

The social challange:

Fighting "gray-area" poverty and improve the quality of life within the Community.

Project description:

Net2Share is a new model for the activation of networks in close proximity, which allows you to circulate the economy in the community, helping people in difficulty and rewarding those who participate. Net2Share revolutionizes the gesture to donate, making solidarity a simple and daily act: just enter the network of Net2Share, and offer concrete help through your card/app by giving coupons directly to families in need that are in your neighborhood, and you’re rewarded in member stores with dedicated discounts exceeding your donated amount!

The relationship between donors, shopkeepers and beneficiaries will be mediated by a digital app (implementation phase), supported by a physical card and a dedicated website.

From April 2016, the is active in the Mirafiori district in Turin.

Why is it Social Innovation?

  • / It supports the local economy.
  • / A solution that was born from the “bottom”: dialoging and working together are foundations of design choices.
  • / Beneficiaries selected by the Community: engagement and active participation that nurture the autonomous growth of the local network.
  • / Easily scalable model (solution “Community”, creates aggregation and sharing)


> 30 retailers
> 50 donors
25 families of beneficiaries

Expertise SocialFare:

Research, concept, design, development, prototyping

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