Let's move to the mountains!
Area d'azione: Knowledge Acceleration
Periodo: February - June 2018
Geografia d'intervento: Locale

Sfida sociale:

Promote Piedmontese inland and mountain areas, by linking and connecting young entrepreneurs, keen on relocating near mountain areas, with local investors willing to evaluate opportunities for (micro)credit.

Descrizione del progetto:

Within the framework of InnovAree project, “I move to the mountains” was born. This new service allows anyone who wants to develop a business project in Piedmontese highland (“Terre Alte del Piemonte”) to take advantage of free mentorship, networking and matching opportunities with entities interested in supporting – by means of micro-credit and ethical finance – new projects and activities in these areas.

The service targets people (neo-graduates, freelance professionals with VAT numbers) and organizations (associations, non-profit organizations, established or new companies and social enterprises) willing to develop projects in the mountains of Piedmont with a specific focus on the following sectors:

  • Agroforesty
  • Personal services to individuals
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Social agriculture
  • Renewable energies
  • Culture and the promotion of the territory
  • Recovery of abandoned properties for production and/or community purposes


people and organizations willing to develop business projects in the mountains of Piedmont

Expertise SocialFare:

Networking and technical support for social innovation

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