Web Platform to reduce energy consumption within schools
Focus Area: Innovation Design, Strategy and Impact Assessment
Period: September 2014 - July 2015
Geographical area: Locale

Project description:

EDEN – Energy Date Engagement – a project promoted by IREN, and winner of the Smart Communities – SMAU 2015, was created in order to promote widespread awareness about energy consumption within schools using the paradigm of the Internet of Things. In this way schools become places where consumption data is collected, processed, disseminated and understood. This process transforms students from simple consumers to protagonists of change regarding their energivore habits. SocialFare has collaborated to help create the social platform which has given students and teachers the ability to analyze their own environmental data recorded and understand the way in which their behavior will reflect on the environment. SocialFare has produced a report in order to assess the real social impact generated by the project. The EDEN project cooperated together with Iren Energy, CSP, Politecnico di Torino, COMMITWORLD Srl, Capetti Elettronica srl, Consortium TOP-IX, Experentia, ISMBand  Sisvel Technology Srl.

Expertise SocialFare:

Co-design, engagement of the community, social impact assessment

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