Are you looking for a psychologist? Yes, but a Good One!


Period: Spring 2020

The societal challenge:

Offer qualified psychological support to anyone who needs it, at any time and in any place, at affordable prices.

The solution proposed:

For an Italian abroad, finding a psychologist can be a difficult task: in many countries the costs of therapies are prohibitive and finding a therapist who speaks his language is not always easy.

UnoBravo (which means “a good one”) is an Online Psychology service designed for Italian Expats, but accessible to anyone who wishes, which through an accurate patient-therapist match allows you to remotely receive the necessary support, in a short time and at sustainable costs. The service adapts itself dynamically and flexibly to the life rhythms of its users, adapting to different time zones or to rhythms and work times incompatible with a face to face therapy.

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