Online orders from local pharmacies
Period: Winter 2016

The societal challenge:

Make drugs purchasing and delivery easy and affordable for everyone, especially for those who can not go to a pharmacy in person: elderly people, chronic sufferers, and people who have a busy everyday life.

The solution proposed:

PharmaTruck is an innovative platform that allows users to buy products from their local pharmacies online and receive them comfortably at home within 60 minutes.

PharmaTruck is proposed as a virtual showcase for pharmacies. Thanks to an automated geolocation system, clients can browse an easy-to-navigate virtual, and constantly updated, catalogue of nearby pharmacies.


  • Andrea Mirabile
  • Salvo Gula
  • Giorgia Giuffrida
  • Gabriele Riolo
  • Giuseppe Domicoli
  • Matteo Guarnaccia
  • Andrea Mirabella
  • Jerry Louis
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