Progetti per fare cultura


Period: Spring 2018

The societal challenge:

Our country is characterised by a widespread cultural heritage that constitutes a formidable development asset. Public administrations are moving backwards in terms of innovative planning and investment opportunities. Meanwhile, on the fruition side, is registered an unsatisfied demand to which Opera addresses innovative and engaging cultural purposes.

The solution proposed:

Kalatà, giving a concrete meaning to its own role of cultural business, directly invests on the cultural asset in order to raise premium tour proposals, able to attract a wider and more interested, differentiated public, conjugating the rigour of the contents to unforgettable experiences of discovery.

The investments carried out, other than the revenues deriving from the fruition of our proposals, find out their own sustainability in a context in which economic result, social impact and local development as well, are the main components and equally relevant in a unique framework.


  • Nicola FacciottoCEO | Founder
  • Marco AbbadessaAdministrative manager
  • Marianna SabenaProject manager senior | Impact evaluator
  • Giorgia MacarioProject manager senior | Fundraiser
  • Margherita BelgranoProject manager junior | Communication designer
  • Francesca SciollaProject manager junior | Back office manager


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