Periodo: Inverno 2020

Sfida sociale:

Fighting illegal work and tax evasion in the catering sector through a proposal that encourages the stipulation of regular contracts even in the case of occasional labour services.

La soluzione proposta:

Innovative, smart and economical, the Jojolly platform simplifies the management of “extra” human resources typical of the restaurant world – where work peaks are particularly subject to fluctuations – facilitating the bureaucratic process for the activation of regular contracts and guaranteeing a good match between supply and demand.

Thanks to a filtering system, the platform “categorizes” commercial activities and registered workers, allowing workers to find job opportunities compatible with their periods of availability and restaurateurs to quickly find staff with the skills they need. The JoJolly service automatically generates a regular contract of occasional service, provides insurance coverage, pays the worker 24 hours after the end of the service and pays the withholding tax in his name.

Launched in Milan in 2019, in the first 18 months of activity, the initiative involved over 2,500 workers and 450 restaurants, generating 7,000 services and 150 new jobs, taking the form of a “digital voucher” useful for effectively combating evasion and undeclared work.


  • Mattia FerrettiCEO
  • Manuel FasanoCTO
  • Selene BorsettiBrand Manager
  • Davide DrammisCOO
  • Anngelica ElicayCommunity Manager
  • Francesco GamondiFront-end Developer
  • Denise DrammisDigital Marketing


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